Adam Zeck

Adam is the Founder and CEO of UCX LLC and President of Fast Market Holdings LLC. Adam is responsible for recognizing and seizing the opportunity to license the WAC algorithm in order to create and license WAC Financial Products. Currently, Adam is responsible for the direction, management and execution of day-to-day activities for UCX.

Previously, for over ten years, Adam was a member of the Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME Group), as an independent Eurodollar commodity spread trader and broker. He traded and filled complicated spread derivative trades, including butterflies, double butterflies, and pack/bundle to butterfly trading strategies, while incorporating customized trading software to automate trading strategies in order to improve efficiencies and speed of trades.

Adam was also the Founder / COO of Grow the Game Golf, a cross platform mobile application platform, which provides real-time scoring, live event management and real-live status for competitive golfers on and off the course. Adam managed the development of GTG Golf, using the latest in Node JS, Web-sockets, and HTML5. Adam has also developed cross-platform mobile applications for the publication and music verticals.

Prior to that, Adam was a National Accounts Manager at Allscripts Healthcare Solutions, an electronic health record, practice management and electronic prescribing company. Within the 1st year, Adam was awarded the Presidents Cup, for being the top salesman and the Excellence Award, for his overall quality, commitment and teamwork.

For over 5 years, Adam was a Corporate Champion’s board member at Children’s Memorial Hospital of Chicago, helping to raise millions of dollars to support and fund the hospital, believing that kids are our future and they do come first. Adam graduated Cum Laude from Ohio University with a B.B.A in Finance, Small Business Entrepreneurship and Business Pre-Law. He currently resides in Charlotte and enjoys spending time with his wife Katie and their two children Noah and Chloe.