Brian Crigler

“Brian Crigler started his career working as a Front End Developer for Triton Digital, a company that catered to traditional radio stations by upgrading them to have an online presence and also offered various online radio centric loyalty promotions.  There he excelled at creating new websites, doing website maintenance for clients, as well as kept up with the client relationships by having 1 on 1 relationships with a growing list of 50+ clients that he managed alone.

After years doing this he applied internally for a Jr Back End Developer role at the company working on the companies new WordPress based solution for clients.  The role was to create a custom layer over top of WordPress and to build custom plugins that would cater to the radio industry.  Within this role he earned multiple awards such as “Employee of the Month” and “Tech Win of the Week” for his dedication to meeting deadlines and company goals.  He helped forge the path for the version control processes the team used and also was taken under the wing of the Senior Developer on the team to learn Angular and work on portions of the Administration app that managed all of the companies client instances of WordPress.  He quickly was promoted within a years time to a Mid Level Developer where he continued to thrive within this company.

After 7 years at Triton Digital he decided it was time to learn another side of development on the Windows stack and joined Academic Analytics, a company that focused on providing Universities with various analytical data about the school.  Here he quickly picked up C#, ASP.NET without having any prior exposure to it.  He not only worked on the main product for the company but also was given the freedom to design and build specific applications from start to finish for various Universities.  Most notably he designed and built an application for Duke University that showed connections between various Lab Research that was done there.  It was highly praised by the school and his company.  During his entire career he also owned and operated his own LLC called Visiblpixls which offered custom design and development of websites to various clients including famous award winning Music Video and Film Director Gil Green.”