Doug Gisby

Doug Gisby is UCX’s Vice President of Product Development. During his recent tenure at Blackberry, Doug led teams that were at the vanguard of migration, from the traditional waterfall developmentprocess to agile, even for very large projects. In addition, some of the key projects and features he managed were Network/Cloud Based Computing, and IMS as virtualized application. Doug is no stranger to disruptive technologies.

Doug is an innovative, hands-on executive with a record of leading design and development for high technology products, improving processes and procedures to drive revenue, efficiency, and market share. Doug brings a diverse technology background includinging engineering, user experience, innovation, network operations, and quality assurance functions. He has a record of success in technical and operations management, product development, and software architecture. Doug is successful in creating vision, identifying opportunities, and effectively directing all aspects of software development. He is able to combine systems thinking, critical thinking, and empathic listening skills to shape culture and guide organizational change with the application of thoughtfully crafted strategic framework. He has extensive knowledge of numerous development processes including waterfall, extreme programming, agile and hybrid development processes. Over the last 5+ years his focus has been on agile or modified agile development processes utilizing User Stories, Sprints, Standups, Scrums, Epics, Spikes, Test driven development and pair programming.