Jim Hawk

Jim Hawk is a Senior Executive with more than 20 years’ experience in Financial and Insurance Services, with deep experience in operations and a demonstrated background in marketing. His focus has been solving complex problems by challenging norms and developing processes that take share from larger incumbents. Most of his recent work has been in the consumer finance space, where he has helped billion dollar financial institutions like American Airlines Credit Union and VyStar Credit Union to triple their per unit incomes by leveraging the consultative contact center.

As a seasoned executive leader with experience in all aspects of General Management, Jim knows what disciplined innovation can accomplish for the removal of obstacles to operational success. Over his career he has developed an entrepreneurial ethic and the skills suited to build and continually develop teams that deliver wins. As an advocate for disproportionate leverage marketing strategies, his goals are double digit increases in sales and revenue. Jim has also excelled in program, platform, and channel development to drive incremental sales and he has developed products and marketing processes that accelerated fee based income by 60 percent plus. He has been successful at realizing pain points from the C level to the front line and by eliminating them through goal alignment. He creates “referenceable experiences” that are powerful, and regardless of the type of relationship, Jim always creates a team of partners versus simply vendors.

Currently Jim is working with Universal Compute Xchange (www.ucxchange.com), an early stage Chicago cloud exchange, where he is advising on funding, operations, marketing strategy and branding. Until May of 2016, Jim served as the President and Chief Executive Officer of IWS Acquisition Corp., a wholly owned subsidiary of Kingsway Financial (NYSE: KFS). There he was fully responsible for the P&L of IWS’ nationwide business, and led the Company’s management team in developing and implementing business strategy, structure and operational development, technology and sales and marketing. Additionally, Jim focused on and built successful strategic relationships associated with products for financial institutions. Prior to this position, Jim was Vice President of IWS. Before his time at IWS, Jim worked as a regional Sales Director for GlobalView Software, an energy trading and data management firm. He began his career as a futures trader at the Chicago Board of Trade. Jim earned an MBA from the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University and a Bachelor’s degree from St. Lawrence University.