About UCX

IT spend is the fastest growing part of the corporate balance sheet. Because ‘Cloud’ spend is a constantly growing percentage of the IT budget, the need for risk management and optimization of these assets has never been greater. For this reason, UCX was born as the safe, flexible and cost effective way for companies in the cloud to buy and sell capacity using standardized units called Workload Allocation Cubes (WACs). that help you measure what you really use. No pre-commitments for instances are ever required, and transaction/execution costs are low.

UCX is positioned to be the exchange for the future of this growing digital generation. With two products already actively trading and a host of others ready to launch, UCX gives, buyers, sellers and speculators a centralized, legitimate, secure, third party marketplace where true price discovery is possible. Together with the support of the CME Group, UCX has created the platform necessary to provide everyone, from individuals to the largest corporations, with an efficient market structure for the procurement or sale of digital assets.

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