Buying and Selling on UCX

Step 1

Contact UCX

UCX experts consult with you to determine your needs:

  • Public Cloud vs. Private Cloud vs. Bare Metal
  • Variable vs. Fixed Costs
  • Data Center locations
  • and more...

Step 2

Price Discovery

  • UCX helps define product(s)
  • UCX requests quotes for buyers from CSPs
  • UCX helps sellers find bids for spare capacity
  • UCX allows sellers to submit bids on the products

Step 3


  • UCX facilitates the transaction with new CSP
  • Trade ticket sent with access to the UCX Console
  • See real time Consumption for Tracking Costs

Step 4


  • New CSP provides access to server management console
  • Build and provision new servers
  • Seamless support provided for server building and network management